Catch Up

So this is my last week of holidays and then I am back to work!  I cant believe that 5 weeks have flown by so quickly.  I have managed to get lots sorted and organized for the wedding (23 September 2006), but other than that I think that this would have been my first real holiday sitting at home not doing much! 

My sister lent me her car while she was in Italy over this past bank holiday weekend, and I managed to have an accident in it on the last day that I had it.  Not really bad, just paint scuff, but the guy I bumped didn’t stop when I bumped him, so his scratch is much longer than mine, and he was driving a Mercedes.  Needless to say that he was SO abusive to me when I tried to give him my details that I actually threatened a law suit unless he calmed down. I feel like such a tit and my sister took the news so well.  I feel really bad! Oh well, at least everything is covered!  Needless to say that on arriving back in London, at Stanstead, my uncle’s car broke down on the M25 at 01h30 this morning and I had to go and rescue Claire and the others, so I only got back to bed at 04h30.  What an awful day!  I SICK OF HERE!

Anyway, going to get the last of the attendants gifts today in central London and then hopefully be able to take it easy from there.  Lets hope my bad luck ended when I woke up this morning!

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